Our approach

Whether it is for the development of a new web tool
or the improvement of an existing product, we apply
the same philosophy: bringing maximum value
in the shortest possible time.

Developer, Product Manager and Designer
accompany you for 1 to 2 weeks
to design your web or mobile project.

Thanks to the Vision Sprint, you have a prototype,
ready to be developed with visibility on your budget!

The Vision Sprint allows us to understand what really matters to your users through several workshops.
It allows us to align all interests for the success of your project.

Business Model Canvas

Understand how your product brings value to your target users and what the assumptions are for the success of your project.

User interviews

Who better than your users to say what they need ?

Users' path

Based on field observations, we retrace the users' path and identify their points of pain in order to treat them properly

UX Workshop

We design the main flow screens

Story Mapping

We define the functionalities in the form of User Stories per function block with degrees of priority

Technical Architecture

We recommend the most efficient technologies, libraries and architecture for your project.

User Tests

We create a graphic prototype to be tested by users.

Release planning

We provide a costing estimate for the MVP and establish a vision for future versions

Deliverables: graphical prototype, technical architecture book, MVP estimation, release planning

The efficiency of web and mobile
development in Agile mode

Now is the time for your product to take shape.
We have developed a method based on Scrum and Lean Startup to make your project a success while being as efficient as possible. This method is result-oriented and focuses on human interactions, particularly by emphasizing transparency, critical thinking, taking a step back and adapting.

The team will work in "sprints", i.e. in successive iterations of one to two weeks. During the sprints, we develop and deliver testable features of your product on a daily basis.

The Vision Sprint Guide

Understanding your users and maximising the impact of your product

We have progressively designed our in-house methodology 🏡 : the Vision Sprint, which we want to share with you in this guide concocted to help you.

Vision Sprint Guide

A project team at theTribe
is composed by

Customer or Product Owner

You bring the product vision, you validate the deliverables and you get involved for the success of the project


At least 2 full time people, they understand and challenge the need, imagine technical solutions and realize the product

Product Manager

It helps to design the product, defines the functionalities, and ensures the alignment of the product strategy

How a sprint happens


At the beginning of the sprint, we share information related to the vision of the product and the functionalities to be developed in the sprint


With the Product Manager, we work to plan the features to be developed for the next sprint.

Development and Testing

Every day you can test your project. Our goal is also to have your users test the products as frequently as possible.


It is important to highlight and maintain what works, and to pose problems in order to find solutions.

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