Interview with Nicolas Roux de Bézieux, founder of Badbugs

by | 12 Jan 2021 | Web Expertise

For this first interview of the year, Nicolas Roux de Bézieux presents his start-up Badbugs and tells us more about the challenges of the new version of his platform, his support with theTribe as well as the impact on his business and his goals for 2021.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about the creation of Badbugs?

Badbugs was created in 2019 with one goal: to make life easier for people who are victims of bed bugs.

Indeed, when confronted with these undesirable roommates who are increasingly present in France and around the world, 3 questions arise:

- What strategy should I adopt in my situation? 

Bedbugs are tough and on the internet it's hard to find your way between grandma's remedies and those that recommend burning your house down.

That's why we have written nearly 200,000 words of content and made many video tutorials to gather all the good advice against bedbugs, all this content is available for free as well as our self-diagnosis tool.

Badbugs tips & tutos
Badbugs tips & tutos

- How much do treatments cost?

Taking advantage of the distress and panic of those affected, many companies inflate their quotes and few display their prices transparently. We have therefore created a comparator that allows for each type of treatment to obtain an immediate quote from several providers in order to compare prices, opinions and the content of the services.

Badbugs Solution Comparator
Badbugs Solution Comparator

- Who are the serious companies?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, we audition all the craftsmen who appear on Badbugs. We check all their diplomas and insurances, we accompany them in the field to observe their protocols and working methods, we contact about 50 former customers to collect their feedback, and then of course on a daily basis we listen to customers who book via the platform to ensure that our craftsmen continue to work well and intervene in case of trouble!

The redesign of Badbugs has just been completed, what were the stakes of this new version? and what made you decide to go back to working with theTribe?

The major issue for us was the conversion rate, but to achieve this required a number of changes to the UX on the site. In particular, we added a selection tool, which allows users of the site to see, with just a few clicks, the different processing methods available in their situation, their advantages and disadvantages, and thus to choose the one that suits them best.

Badbugs selection tool
Badbugs selection tool

It was theTribe who made the first version of the site, and we were very satisfied with the quality of the work done. At the beginning, we chose theTribe because we wanted a French team on a human scale that would be able to make proposals and Florent Lucas, Sales at theTribe, had contacted me very early in our creation process, when we were barely at the POC. The feeling was good and I had appreciated his interest in our subjects, so we naturally thought of theTribe when the time came.

Moreover, after this first version, we had continued to exchange regularly with the team, especially when thinking about the redesign of the UX, so it seemed natural to continue working together.

What was the impact on your business?

The new version has been online for one month now, and the impact seems to be positive on the first objective of this Update: the conversion rate.

However, it is still a little early to draw definite conclusions and figures, because we are in the middle of the bedbug "off season" (traffic divided by 3 between December and February on the subject) a fortiori this year when travel and exchanges were less numerous, and therefore opportunities to be confronted with bedbugs were rarer.

Your goals for 2021?

We are going to work on 3 main axes:

- The quality of our clients' support: for example, we are currently testing teleconsultation, which enables us to better guide the people affected and to create a truly tailor-made treatment strategy for them.

- The SEO: with a will to better qualify the traffic arriving on the site.

- The recommendation: this is an absolutely key issue for us, and we are working on different actions and partnerships to encourage it.

Florian Compain

Florian Compain

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