Tech Trends 2021: popular front-end frameworks

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2020 has been a rich year in terms of the evolution of web technologies and their uses.

In support of the annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey, let's take a look at the technologies, frameworks, and languages developers prefer .

For 10 years now, Stack Overflow has been asking developers in its community about their affinities and expectations regarding programming tools. This year, no less than 65,000 developers answered the call. Over the last decade, the software industry has changed significantly," the authors of the study point out. The health crisis we are experiencing is accelerating change for companies. They are being forced to develop new "native cloud" tools by force of circumstance.

Location of respondents - Stack Overflow Study
Location of respondents - Stack Overflow Study

Some data from the study will be of particular interest to CTO / ISD. From the desires and preferences of developers, they will be able to identify trends and thus make more informed technological choices. With regard to this study, the observation of the volume of searches for programming languages on Google (Google Trends) as well as the volume of keywords (tags) in the questions asked on the Stack Overflow site will provide additional insight.

01. Popular Front-End Frameworks in 2020

Single-page applications or SPAs (web applications that are built on the browser side, by calling the business logic using APIs) are in the majority of newly created web applications. The result is a boom in front-end frameworks, the development of which is still in progress. Let's examine one by one the 3 most used frameworks.

Today, the 3 most popular front-end frameworks are : React, Angular (not to be confused with AngularJS its predecessor) and View.js.

All three of them embody the notion of components: front-end elements that can be reused throughout an application .

The graph below shows the evolution of the number of open topics on Stack Overflow since the creation of the platform on the 3 Frameworks React, Angular & Vue.js.

Stack Overflow: React, Angular, Vue.js
Evolution of the number of open topics on Stack Overflow

If Angular, the framework supported by Google, has experienced very strong growth between 2015 and 2018, it seems that React, created by Facebook engineers, has largely surpassed it and assumes a leading position.

Note that React is in fact a library and not a framework as such. Several elements can explain it: its simpler handling (at least at the beginning of the learning process), its lightness and its flexibility.

Here, we can clearly see that React has taken the lead ahead of Angular from 2017 and Vue.js remains a little behind:

Google Trends: React, Angular, Vue.js
Worldwide, over the last 5 years, Programming Source: Google Trends

This seems normal, because the framework is the youngest of the three and it is less corporate-ready (large companies are afraid to develop projects that do not have the support of GAFAM for fear of having to recode the project in another technology later). The stability of Vue will be a determining factor in its adoption in the large company category.

Now let's take a look at NPM, the tool used to download React, Angular and Vue :

NPM: React, Angular, Vue.js

We can see here that React is by far the most downloaded framework. We also have to keep in mind that React has been around for a long time : there are necessarily more very important projects in place (requiring thousands of daily downloads with daily deployments and containerization).

Let's move on to Github which is the largest collaborative platform for animating open source projects and where developers find information about the :

Github: React, Angular, Vue.js

If we look at the number of stars (a way for a developer to recommend a framework or a library), we can see that Vue is in the lead with 173,615 stars on GitHub, a higher score than React (159,882). This proves that Vue.js is a framework that gains to be known.

We can conclude that React is the most popular front-end technology today. Still growing, it is an excellent choice of front-end solutions to create your project in 2021.

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