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In 2019, theTribe launches its four-year growth plan. The objective is to open new offices and build teams of 200 people. It was therefore necessary to integrate recruitment into the support functions so as not to depend solely on one-off actions by firms. 

The opening of this centre was an opportunity to start from a blank sheet of paper and to question oneself on the right recruitment methods. Rather than applying standardised practices, often questionable in terms of performance and quality, it was more appropriate to put oneself in the shoes of the "user", the candidate, and to aim for maximum satisfaction. What better way to achieve this objective than to start from the criticisms attributed to recruitment and try to correct them, one by one. 

"The recruiters ask me to talk about myself... And then that'sit".

Traditional "pre-qualification" provides little information to candidates. It is often short (15/20mn) and focused on them. The information about the recruiting company is minimalist. The idea is to go fast and make a first selection. 

But in our view, it is necessary to present the company from the outset, simply to allow discovery, access to information and the emergence of an opinion. If this opinion is positive, the conversation evolves towards the candidates' career path. If not, the negative opinion has the merit of being enlightened, without ambiguity, and our candidates avoid a long monologue about them for no reason at all. 

So, at theTribe, the first exchange you'll have starts with a complete company discovery (40/45 mn presentation), makes sure you have answers to all the questions you're asking yourself, and then focuses on your journey, if the project makes you feel like it. 

"Recruiters don't know what they're talking about."

Very often decried by candidates, recruiters are often accused of not fully understanding the jobs they are recruiting for and of not properly representing the reality of their company. The discourse is either unintentionally erroneous (lack of knowledge) or embellished (commercial posture). 

theTribe rigorously trains its "Talent Acquisition" teams who will be able to provide you with a comprehensive presentation of the company. Whether it is about development projections, types of products, target customers, different stacks, team size, project duration... You automatically benefit from a complete access to the information that allows you to project yourself. We do not sell our company, we present it to you. The goal is in no way to seduce, to sell dreams, or to transform reality.

Transparency is imperative to build a lasting relationship of trust. This principle is applied everywhere, and therefore recruitment is no exception. 

"Recruiters are only interested in my pretensions and my availability." 

Once again, pre-qualifications are criticized for being perfunctory and incapable of assessing the suitability of a candidate. The discussion revolved mainly around a target salary and a hypothetical start date. 

The theTribe teams are interested in your background, your skills, but also in your professional aspirations. We are convinced that beyond your expertise, we need to offer you a professional experience that is as close as possible to your ideal. We need to share values and visions; the first exchanges are there to make sure that we are talking about the same things and that theTribe is a good pickaxe. 

"Candidate pathways only serve to satisfy the interests of a company, they don't care about candidate satisfaction.»

Too many companies seek to get the most out of their exchanges with candidates to be satisfied with the experience, without necessarily caring about the satisfaction of their candidates. 

Beyond the recruitment teams, the business teams involved in recruitment are trained to be at your disposal, to give you full access to the information that will support your vision as you go along. Each meeting must be useful to you, bring you something and help you mature your thinking. 

"I don't know why I'm not being held."

Unfortunately, it is a classic, many candidates see their process interrupted abruptly for no real reason. Worse still, you may sometimes receive a generic email telling you that "unfortunately your skills don't match the search", even though you have spent time and energy on interviews. 

theTribe is committed to consistently giving you feedback at every stage of your recruitment, even when there is no follow-up. The least we can do is to let you know what went wrong. You've given us your time, so the least you can do is to get something out of it and move forward. Continuous improvement is at the heart of our internal practices, and we're committed to giving you the benefit of this posture. 

"I applied, but no one answered."

Another classic that is becoming more and more standardised: the non-response that acts as a refusal. This trend is moving towards the "dehumanisation of human resources". 

In response to this scourge, theTribe guarantees a response to all applications, and keeps you informed of your progress at every stage. Still, it's the least we can do! 

«Recruiting companies do not question their processes.»

It's often true and it's sad! Candidate experience is at the heart of our recruitment policy at theTribe and to illustrate this, each applicant who completes the process (with an offer or a refusal, it doesn't matter!) receives a Google Form that allows him/her to rate the experience (NPS system). 

Each rating and comment is then reviewed by our recruitment team, who take into account all comments and apply quick fixes to redress any dissatisfaction. Out of more than 100 participants in 2020, the NPS is 67.3, a great performance! 

Charles Bocquillon

Charles Bocquillon

Talent Acquisition Manager @theTribe

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