Onboarding at theTribe as seen by Solène, Talent Acquisition Manager

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On April 12, 2021, Solène joins theTribe as Talent Acquisition Manager. This was at a time when teleworking was more than recommended for companies that could use it. In this interview, she looks back at her integration process and the means she used during this period to fully take up her duties. 

Hello Solène! Can you tell us about your background?

I have been Talent Acquisition Manager at theTribe for a few months now! I started my professional career in Paris as an assistant project manager in the banking sector and then I discovered recruitment in the IT sector a little over two and a half years ago. 

I immediately appreciated the human aspect of this job: the exchanges are never the same as you talk to people with different backgrounds and desires - it's important to listen. 

It's also a job that requires you to be resilient and curious. The market is very tight, and sometimes you have to hang on if you don't come from an IT background to understand the technical specifics when you talk to candidates. 

How did you get into theTribe?

Let's just say that I discovered theTribe at the right time: I wanted a new professional challenge and I wanted to leave the Paris region. 

I immediately fell in love with the company's culture... so I packed my bags to come to Nantes and join the recruitment team within the support tribe - whose role is to support the tribes in their development while preserving the overall coherence and harmony within theTribe. 

In fact, I was quite stressed before I arrived: it was during the pandemic period and so I was afraid of remote integration, of not feeling welcome due to lack of human contact, of not managing to understand the work environment... in short, of not managing to integrate .

In the end, my fears were quickly put to rest as I was given a clear schedule and could see that my arrival was well prepared!

My first week was face-to-face so I was able to meet my colleagues - useful for putting names to faces, which is not insignificant when you are new. I was also given a mentor(Morgane) before I took up my post. It was very reassuring, because whenever I had a question or a comment, she was there to answer it. This was a really important part of the onboarding process for me because I was accompanied throughout my integration, I wasn't left to my own devices.

During your first week, what was the programme of your integration course? 

In fact, it was quite full! I was welcomed on the first day with an arrival lunch, then an onboarding point with my sponsor, which enabled me to be directly accompanied on the organisation and tools of the company.

I was also introduced to the members of the support tribe (finance, accounting, marketing...) and I was able to talk to each of them to understand their roles.

During the week, two days in pairs were planned with Charles who is Head of Talent at theTribe. Thanks to this support, I was able to quickly understand how the recruitment team works .

The founders Benoît and Jérôme took time with me to go over the history of the company, its culture and its values. This was essential for me, because it enabled me to gain a better understanding of the company's context, but also to acquire information beforehand to communicate about these subjects with the candidates.

And that's not all! A meeting was scheduled with the staff representatives, Ludovic and Alexis, to introduce me to the CSE and its role. I was also introduced to the company's commercial philosophy during an exchange with Mathilde, who is Sales Manager! 

A whole part of my onboarding was also dedicated to understanding the mechanisms of the web with Jérôme (how a site works, the back office, the front office, etc.) and to discovering the company's technical environment with Pierre-Alexandre, tribe leader in Nantes. All this information helped me to consolidate my position at theTribe and to quickly feel more at ease.

Finally, it is important to note thata welcome drink 🍻 was planned in the middle of the week: it was very nice to exchange with my new colleagues in another context, I felt very welcome!

What did you particularly like about it? 

I liked the fact that the emphasis was on meeting the other members of the tribe. I had quite a few coffee meetings (virtual, of course, but still!) to get to know the other employees. This allowed me to talk to new people each time, to introduce myself and to understand a little about the role of each person in the company.

So I had the opportunity to do "vis-ma-vie" with three colleagues in the company during the first month: Morgane who is PM/Designer, Florent who is Bizdev, and Johanna who is a tribe leader in Paris! The aim was to spend a day with each of them so that they could share their daily lives with me. This was really important, especially when I first joined the company, as it gave me a more concrete idea of the reality of everyone's job at theTribe. 

When did you start to feel comfortable in your new position? 

I would say quite quickly, after a week I already felt relatively autonomous. This is mainly thanks to the support I received from my team to quickly become operational. Charles and Juliette (who is also a TAM at theTribe) were really present at each step to make sure I was well followed and that I had no questions!

One of the reasons I joined theTribe was to ensure the best possible candidate experience. It's true that there are certain shortcomings in IT recruitment practices: we often get feedback from candidates who feel that they are just numbers, or a simple resource. In the team, we are keen to put the human element back at the centre of discussions. We talk to people who have a story, a personality, and we have to take the time to get to know them, to answer their questions, and to follow them up throughout the process. By the way, Charles has written a very interesting article on the recruitment culture at theTribe!

And what makes the integration process at theTribe different from others you have had? 

In my opinion, clearly the feedback taking! Several points were set up as I went along to take my feedback. Firstly I had a coffee with my sponsor two weeks after I joined to look back on my start with the company, then I had an amazement report after a month. 

It was also at this point that I felt that continuous improvement was really part of the company's culture. We can always do better, and everyone can suggest improvements and make a contribution! It's an empowering businessmodel .

What do you think are the areas for improvement? 

Well, I did mention the following point in my amazement report. The company is growing, and the aim is to open offices in several cities in France. At the moment there are Nantes, Paris and Lille, which are scheduled to open in September 2021.

When I first joined the company, I found it difficult to get an overview of the geographical distribution of members in each tribe. It was difficult for me to situate each person. This is something we are working on, especially as other offices will open later!

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